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Sealant is your primary defense for preventing water ingress from your building, and a large majority of leaks in building facades come from failed sealant. our Sika approved applicators have been trained to replace sealant on facades and window frames to the highest standard to ensure a proper seal to keep your building water tight.


Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

Highly elastic +/-25%

Fast curing.

Highest quality, non-sag.

Low odor.

Excellent UV resistance.

Reasons For Choosing Us


Quality Material

A quality product installed by Sika approved applicators that you can trust.



Years Of Experience

With Multiple years of experience our staff are confident they can tackle your job every time.


Fast Time Frame

High Level Solutions aims to have your job completed in the shortest time available to the highest quality with the lowest impact to your usual business

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