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    Quality Waterproofing Solutions

    Roof Repair - High Level Solutions


    Sealant is your primary defense for preventing water ingress from your building

    Fiberglass Membrane - Waterproofing - High Level Solutions

    Fiberglass Membrane

    keep water out of areas that see a lot of water build up such as balcony's and low pitch roofs

    Leak Investigation - Waterproofing - High Level Solutions

    Leak Investigation

    Leaks are a fast way to deteriorate the interior of your property, it's important to solve them before they cause damage

    Why Choose Us

    Reasons People Choose
    High Level Solutions

    • Quality Service

      We take pride in being friendly, reliable and helpful

    • Fully Insured

      Rest assured knowing all work conducted is covered

    • Accredited

      All staff hold the required tickets to undertake your job

    • Problem Solving

      Problem solves who can provide a solution for any job

    • Trained Workers

      Years of experience and on going training

    • Guarantee

      We guarantee a happy client, every time

    How it Works

    Standard Working Process



    We make a trip to your site and gather information on your dreams for your project and what we need to make it happen


    Detailed Proposal

    We then provide you a detailed quote with no surprises or hidden costs that displays the entire job and how it will be tailored to your needs


    Project Installation

    Upon approval, we undertake your job and complete the task with a high quality finish with a low turn around time with minimal interference to day to day work


    Final Inspection

    Once completed, we provide you with a high quality report of the work to show in detail the procedure of your task to completion

    Free Inspection

    Scheduling An Inspection

    A fast, easy and simple way to organize a consultation for your project

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