Hamilton Roof Repair

Here is a recently completed roof repair project for a client’s commercial space in Hamilton. Their roof had sustained a large amount of impact damage to the sheets, and replacing the entire roof was not within the budget. We elected to install metal patches over the damage, rivet them to provide rigidity and strength, and then install a fiberglass membrane over the top to waterproof the repair. We totaled over 260 repairs for this roof alone and replaced their roof access hatch simultaneously! This roof repair job has extended the life of the roof for many years to come.

How it Works

Standard Working Process



We make a trip to your site and gather information on your dreams for your project and what we need to make it happen


Detailed Proposal

We then provide you a detailed quote with no surprises or hidden costs that displays the entire job and how it will be tailored to your needs


Project Installation

Upon approval, we undertake your job and complete the task with a high quality finish with a low turn around time, and with minimal interference to day to day work


Final Inspection

Once completed, we provide you with a high quality report of the work to show in detail the procedure of your task to completion

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