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Anchor Installation - High Level Solutions

  Anchor Installation & Certification. Roof Anchors are a crucial step to insure your property is accessible for annual maintenance and cleaning, its a safe, cost effective method of getting staff on site without needing to wait for costly edge protection and ensures that everyone on your building is safe. Advantages Cost-effective compared to traditional

Window Cleaning & Building Wash - High Level Solutions

  Window Cleaning & Building Wash Cleaning your asset is curial part of the up keep required to maintain your property’s warrantees and keep its appearance looking immaculate. A clean space is an efficient space and ensures damages and faults in your building can not go unseen under dirt and grime. Advantages Requirement to upkeep

Re-Roof PlaceMakers Hamilton - HLS Roofing Services

  Roofing Services As your asset begins to age and remedial repairs are no longer a viable option, re-roofing becomes a cost effective decision to ensure your asset is water tight for years to come. it is also an excellent opportunity to restyle your roof and make alterations as you see fit. this is also

Moss & Mold Spraying - Roof Cleaning - High Level Solutions

  Moss & Mold Spraying Moss & mold spraying is an essential part of any routine maintenance for a commercial building to extend your asset’s life and keep it looking in shape and presentable. Lichen has the potential to cause thousands of dollars of damage if left unchecked, so it is crucial to stop it

Rope Access - Window & Building Wash - High Level Solutions

  Rope Access Rope access work is a very cost effective method for servicing your multi-story buildings provided they are equipped with appropriate anchors. Being faster, safer and less intrusive as traditional methods such as EWPs and scaffolding its an excellent option for scheduled annual maintenance like cleaning and inspections. Advantages Fast response to put

Sealant - Waterproofing - High Level Solutions

Sealant Sealant is your primary defense for preventing water ingress from your building, and a large majority of leaks in building facades come from failed sealant. our Sika approved applicators have been trained to replace sealant on facades and window frames to the highest standard to ensure a proper seal to keep your building water

Fiberglass Membrane - Waterproofing - High Level Solutions

  Fiberglass Membrane Fiberglass membrane is an excellent way to keep water out of areas that see a lot of water build up such as balcony’s and low pitch roofs, it also excels for repairs on concrete walls and other facades, with our 2 coat membrane paint combined with a fiberglass mat, we can restore

Leak Investigation - Waterproofing - High Level Solutions

  Leak Investigation And Repair Leaks are a fast way to deteriorate the interior of your property so it’s important to get on to them before they can do to much damage. Our team has countless hours of experience tracing leaks back to the initial exterior source and remedying the issue before further damage can

Pre-purchase Inspection - Window & Building Wash - High Level Solutions

  Pre-Purchase Inspection Report Looking at purchasing a property? require a property plan for your current building? A conditional assessment report is an excellent way to paint a picture of the overall condition of the building and predict where failures are likely to occur before they happen. Advantages Pre-Purchase inspection report on property’s your interested

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